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ILT & MS Teams issue

  • 18 September 2023
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Hi Everyone, 

My organization is planning on utilizing Instructor-Led Trainings inside of Docebo. We are integrated with Microsoft Teams. 

We have made one account inside of Docebo and have had several different people that will be instructors, pair with it. 

I created a test course, and they were able to join as producer. However, they are not able to “Start” the course. 

Additionally, I made another test course and now they cannot even join as a producer. It just says “Live Event has not started yet”. 


I guess my question is are we each supposed to have our own Teams set up in Docebo with the Client ID, Tenant ID, and Client Secret? Is that why these issues are occuring? 


Any help is appreciated. 


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See if this helps


@lrnlab Thanks. I have read over the article several times over the past week or so. I used it to figure out how to integrate and pair it. But it does not seem to answer the additional questions I have.  

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I think you need to have it paired to each individual account or you could create a shared account for all your instructors if that can work for you.


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We are in the middle of testing this out now with MS Teams.   We have generic/shared MS Teams accounts that will be shared with our Instructors.  What I’ve found that seems to work so far is that we create the session event using the shared Teams account that we set up on Docebo and add our instructors on the session/event for the course.  Then I log into that shared Teams account and edit the meeting from there and assign those instructors as Co-Organizers. 

Assigning them as Instructors on the course allows them to log into the event early (we specify 30 mins prior for Instructors and 15 mins early for learners), as well as have access to all the other Instructor functions on the course (attendance, reports, etc.).

Assigning them as Co-Organizers on the Teams meeting allows them to be able to start the meeting using their own Teams account.  Otherwise, they would have to log into Teams with the generic account to be able to start the meeting.

Also from the Teams meeting side… you may need to check the settings on the meeting and make sure it’s set to allow the organizers to bypass the Lobby. 

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I’m trying to set up the VILT integration, but I’m having trouble understanding part of it. 

  1. Do I need to create a unique account/pairing entry for each instructor in the Docebo Admin/MS Teams screen, or do I just need to have each instructor (as superadmin, temporarily) click on the single “pair” link that already exists.
  2. If I have to create a unique account pairing entry for each instructor, this seems to imply that I also must create a unique Client ID, Tenant ID, and Client secret in Entra (and copy it to Docebo) for every instructor account. Is this a correct understanding?

For clarity, this is the screen I’m referencing above:



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I was able to answer my own question.  This doesn’t work quite the way I initially thought.  Hopefully my experimentation will help someone else.

  1. Following the guide at I started with a single account created under Docebo / MS Teams and then paired it using multiple accounts.  The downside of this approach was that any events created using the account would show up in EVERY person’s Outlook/Teams calendar who had paired.  (Note that we’re using the Session type meeting and are checking the Show Meeting instructor calendar checkbox.)
  2. The above is also visible in Microsoft Entra under the Enterprise Application you created (yes..the same one you initially registered in Entra) under the Security/Permissions area. Click on “User consent” and you’ll see every user who paired, but no way to remove anyone without much higher access.
  3. It is not at all obvious, but who you have listed as the instructor is kind of irrelevant to who can manage the meeting.  All that matters is which paired account you’re choosing from the event drop-down.  Anyone paired with that account has moderator rights.
  4. After going back and forth with support, it made sense to create multiple “Apps” in Entra--one for each user account if I wanted my sessions to show up in individual instructor Outlook calendars.
  5. In my experimentation, the instructor’s join button in Docebo was kind of irrelevant.  The join button in Outlook/Teams had the moderator rights.  That invitation also has the special link needed to make changes to the meeting settings before the meeting starts.
  6. The overhead needed to create multiple apps in Entra to accommodate multiple moderator/instructors doesn’t seem worth the effort.
  7. The fact that the join link changes every time a change is made (we often change event instructors at the last minute), really doesn’t fit our use case.
  8. It might make sense to use this integration if you have a non-human “service account”/admin that has a master calendar of all your sessions. That could be the account that is set up with the Docebo/Teams VILT integration and would be the moderator for all sessions, and then your instructors could be added into those invitations through Outlook.
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Hi sjennings78 

Thanks for sharing your experience. We have the same approach and I wanted to know how did you pair your Teams account in Docebo? I mean with which account?

Did you create an account of your generic MS Teams account in Docebo, then log in as that account and do the pairing process? or anyone with access to this generic MS Teams account can pair with their own account in the plateform? 

So the generic MS Teams account (or anyone who doing the pairing process) must have admin rights on both side (Docebo and MS Teams)?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Based on what Docebo provided at we had to pair each test instructor account (temporarily made into a SuperAdmin) while they were logged in with a Microsoft 365 account, and we created a separate Enterprise Application in Microsoft Entra for each one.  We couldn’t find another way to do it.

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Yes but that's only if you want to create as many account as instructors.. As mentioned by @sjennings78, it's possible to associate the MS Teams account in Docebo with a generic accounts that will be shared with our Instructors. 

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In that case my experience was that the Outlook calendar for all instructors who are paired with that account end up with meeting invitations to everyone’s classes.

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In this case and this is what I plan to do:

- The generic account will be managed by a single person, who will be in charge of creating the sessions/events in Docebo

- When this person creates the session/event in Docebo it will add the instructors.

- Then in the meeting settings in Outlook she will have to configure the instructors as co-organizer so this will allow them to start the meeting with their own account and thus benefit from the rights of a course instructor (attendance,report, etc.)

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Sounds good.  Let us know how it goes!