ILT sessions using Google meet...Help I'm stuck

Please can I pick your brains. I am still finding my feet with Docebo and may have missed something obvious. I am struggling to get a notification to contain everything we need to send ILT delegates when they are booked on a virtual session.

We are a Google organisation so our staff use a google calendar. We also use Google Meet for our in house virtual training sessions (all though our external training providers may use other platforms eg Zoom).

I am trying to send a notification to ILT delegates that not only provides the google calendar invitation to reserve the time in their diaries, but ALSO provides a link to the Google Meet session so that people can join the virtual session from their google calendar.

What am I missing?

I have tired syncing diaries but this lead to 2 calendars which made my system grind to a halt, and having one diary is hard enough so is doesn't seem practical.

I would really appreciate any suggestions/work arounds . Thank you

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Hi @Sophie .  We don’t use Google at my place, but I am not sure you can put the direct link to the actual session in a notification.  We use Teams, and the link that goes into their Outlook calendar, which they click on, takes them to Docebo and then into Teams.

I guess it’s because if you were to change the link for some reason, then your learners would end up in the wrong ‘room’.

Not sure if that helps or not? 😉

Thanks for taking the time to reply, that is one step closer....