Instructor Session Sign Up??

  • 5 August 2022
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We are looking for something to replace sign up genius for instructors.  We have virtual classrooms that take place nearly every day of the week.  We send out a sign up genius for instructors to pick the classes they want to teach.  I’m wondering if there’s some kind of integration or something that can be done similarly in the platform to eliminate us having to go in and enter the dates and instructors after.  Basically something that would allow them to sign up as an instructor for the class as opposed to externally,

1 reply

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Hmm. There’s nothing really built in other than if all your instructors had rights to add themselves to sessions, but the sessions would need to be built already. 

So we have a group of under 10 instructors that do 150 or so classes a month. The creation of the schedule comes from their boss and then they pick their sessions in a simple shared excel. We built an api based process that takes that excel and auto generates the sessions, events, assigns instructors and sends them calendar invites. I still view scheduling as two parts, 1. Logistically determining when where and who and then 2. Putting into Docebo. Part one is really handled externally.