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Intercom Chat Bubble integration into Docebo

  • 17 May 2021
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Anyone have any luck or know how to implement getting the Intercom Chat Bubble to also reside within the LMS? Would be great to be able to have users ask for help on the page they are working on rather than exit out and go back to a support page just to get assistance.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Best answer by ryan.s 19 May 2021, 15:18

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Hey @gcrawford88, our product team is working on a solution to allow Javascript being added to the platform (on a case-by-case basis), which would allow you to embed tools like Intercom. Its’ not quite ready yet, but it might be worth getting in touch with your CX in a couple of months. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hi @ryan.s ,

I see that this is a bit of an old post but has any progress been made on this. 


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@ryan.s Also wondering if we’re going to get an update on this?

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I’m currently at a loss understanding how a functioning feature on the platform isn’t currently available for customers. This original post is 2 years old and it’s still not working?

There’s even a page dedicated to it on the sales side:

So how is this not yet made available?