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Is it possible to complete an e-learning course based on certain number of TM's?

We would like to set an e-learning course that allow our learners to view the training materials in no particular order, because of this we can’t set a specific TM as an end object marker. Also, our courses include a survey at the end, and we don’t want to require our users to answer the survey to get a course completion.

Is there a way to complete a course with a certain number of TM’s outside of using the end marker? 


Best answer by KMallette 21 June 2023, 20:10

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@CrysG I have several courses with multiple TMs and rarely use the end course marker. Completion seems to be on par with other courses that have only one TM.

@KMallette thanks for your reply! Do you require all your TMs to be viewed in the course before the learner gets the completion? For our use case, because we have a survey TM in the course, that would mean our learners will have to answer that survey (even they already viewed all the other TMs) if they want to get completion for the course. Some users are not inclined to do that and find it as sort of inconvenience, unfortunately.

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@CrysG The platform doesn’t have a setting (that I’m aware of) that designates “course complete” other than the end object checkbox. This means that the course will remain In Progress until all TMs are complete, including any surveys.