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Is there a way to edit the Course Catalog Widget Calendar?

  • 7 January 2022
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I’ve created a course calendar with the course widget, showing all of our training opportunities. Is there a way to color code it? So far all of the courses are purple.



Best answer by gstager 7 January 2022, 21:58

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Hi @Brody40 not as far as I’s all purple for me as well.

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If you wanted to change the tags from purple to red, for example, give this a shot in your Branding and Look area for Custom CSS

/** Change Color of Calendar Event Tag **/

.docebo-calendar .cal-month-view .cal-days-events .cal-event {
background-color: rgb(255, 0, 0) !important;

Let me know if that works for you.

@gstager That worked! All of the calendar tags turned red. Thanks so much for taking the time Greg. 

Would there be a way to use key phrases to trigger different colors? For instance, having any event that said “New Hire Orientation” be green?


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Glad that worked out.

I think things get a bit more tricky if you want to have multiple colors going on.
I didn’t have any events at all in my calendar so I had to make one to poke around with so now I have only one. I am only a month into my onboarding at this point. So I got a lot of bare bones, so to speak.

Do you currently have more than one color for various event types?

If you do, it would suggest that maybe it is possible.

I am more of a JavaScript guy who would have tried figuring something out with some conditional statements - but alas - that is not a tool available to me in Docebo.

I am not aware of a way to perform a check for specific text using CSS.

Perhaps there is a CSS expert who can help carry you further along with that one.

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Thx @gstager but my thinking was not about just one colour...Would be great if we can have colours based on something like the Categories or perhaps specific tags, etc. Posted an idea on this today:


@gstager I see! Yeah currently all of my events, no matter what type they are, are all a singular color. However, I do enjoy the red more than the purple so I appreciate you helping out with that!

@kferguson  we were just talking about this in order to show instructors the courses they are teaching for customers vs attending as an employee.  Looks like not possible but we can change the color from purple to our branded red - if we wanted to.  also see the idea mentioned above to upvote it.