Is there a way to share a PDF as an ASSET without it being turned into slides?

  • 16 November 2021
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I have a PDF file that I would like to share as an Asset so they can download and print it, but it keeps uploading as slides. I've been told slides are the only thing supported as an asset, and a PDF can't be an asset.  If that is the case, do people convert their PDFs to better work as slides so users don’t have to scroll?  If I wanted it to be slides, I would have DESIGNED it as slides!

I want to be able to add a widget to the homepage that allows them to click and download the file. I don’t want to require they open a course (which some find intimidating because “they are too busy”). We try to keep the widgets dynamic, spotlighting tips and tricks, best practices, new release information.  Sometimes I link them to a special review course, but sometimes I just want them to download the PDF.  Since I can’t link directly to content in the Central Repository, I thought Assets would be the answer!

Do I have to send them into a course just to download a PDF?

10 replies

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A quick question - do you have discover, coach, and share?

This is coming from a newbie, but I think part of the challenge is you are working with a learning object. But a learning object isn’t the answer for what you are trying to do here.

If DCS is making it too awkward - can you get away with

  1. uploading documents into the system (just like an image) as if you were going to link to it
  2. scrape the url for that document you just uploaded
  3. add a link via an HTML widget to that document

Now that may seem like a long way to get to what you want? But it should then become just a PDF and not a learning object.

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If you want is as a downloadable object within a course, then simply load it as a file.  Sorry if this is not what you were looking to do. ?

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I want a direct link to a downloadable PDF.

You can not link directly to learning content.

Learning content in a course or central repository requires you be enrolled in a course.

I can link directly to an ASSET in the DCS that has been uploaded to a Channel.  You upload an ASSET under Share Content:


BUT, when I upload a PDF to share using Share Content it converts it to a Slide show.

Is there a way to share a PDF or create a link to a downloadable PDF that EITHER:

  1. does NOT require it be added to a course and they be registered in that course?
  2. OR does NOT convert it to a slide show first?
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@tschoone Does it actually convert it to a .ppt or just display all pages of the PDF in a slideshow fashion? May be helpful to share a screenshot.

Also, if you convert the PDF to say a PNG, does it still do the same thing?

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I have converted the pdf to images and put together a ppt outside of the LMS.I uploaded the ppt in a Channel it looks sooo much better than the pdf, it’s smaller but at least it doesn’t make users do a lot of scrolling to view the information. Perhaps try it out @tschoone :)

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I know not what you want to do, but if you have the source file in Word or wherever it was created, switch it to landscape view and then reload the PDF as Docebo’s native player is a landscape player. I get your point about the “view” of the PDF having scrolling and you’d rather it just be a link for them to download but within Coach & Share, the only way you could do that is if the PDF was hosted somewhere else and you load it as a link. Docebo automatically creates the view of the file when loaded and there is no way to suppress that to only have a link there.

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@tschoone - You can use APIs to retrieve a downloadable link to training material uploaded to either a course or the Central Repository.  See this post for the steps on how to get the link.  


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@tschoone - You can use APIs to retrieve a downloadable link to training material uploaded to either a course or the Central Repository.  See this post for the steps on how to get the link.  


@anne.bucci do you know that those links last? I haven’t tried them long term, just for one-off downloads. All the other areas that work similar to this though had a token that expires after 24 hours so can’t post them permanently. It does have me thinking of a form based in between system using this though for some trainers, thanks for the inspiration. Curious if you have tried the time though and it works over time?

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@tschoone If you send the person an enrollment link to the content, it bypasses the “enroll” step and the person is auto-enrolled in the content, but one still must hit the download content button. And if the item uploaded as a file, it will remain in it’s original uploaded format, in this case, PDF.

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We need to be able to store PDFs in Coach & Share and have them display as actual PDFs instead of being converted to slides that are just images of the pages… it is not intuitive to most users that they have to click on the Download option to get to the actual PDF file to use any links shown on the pages in the slide viewer.