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July updates

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Hi, I know this is probably somewhere, but I can’t find out where so apologies in advance. 

I went to the update webinar yesterday, and it was fascinating. I was hoping to be able to try out some of the features on the platform today (I have a quiet day for a change). Now the new release schedule starting in September is Monday to Wednesday after the end of the month release updates are posted.


But when is the current update? Is it at the end of the month ie Sunday this month, or the start of the following month ie next week sometime? 

The updated pages are not really helpful “end of July” but no actual dates.



Best answer by Daniel 28 July 2022, 11:08

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Hi @Lucy.blake 

According to this post it should be July 27th.


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Thanks @Daniel , not sure why we don’t have the new features then yet. Maybe I have to turn something on. I thought I had seen 27 July somewhere but thought I must be wrong as I couldn’t find it again. 

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I just asked and they are not finished with the update yet. I am just too much of an eager beaver.