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  • 23 November 2022
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Is there a way to retrieve using reports, APIs or any other way, the last modified date for a user/course/enrollment?


trying to improve our data analysis, and this missing piece of info is really holding us back.




Best answer by Bfarkas 23 November 2022, 16:38

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Hmm, have you looked at the audit trail? I guess it might be a bit of a hunt still but might get you there. Are you looking at specific items or broad/bulk monitoring?

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broad monitoring. We are trying to get all of the data out of the LMS to have proper analytics and reports.

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yeah, so might be a bit tough that way too, since it is more time based so you’d have to search backwards. I was also thinking almost a custom collection using webhooks on those change events, but basically just re-creating the audit report. Is course update info on the new metadata course report in sandbox currently? That might get you one more straightforward.

Enrollment, I think you will need to setup using the audit report.

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Thanks @Bfarkas, we are working with our CSM to find a technical solution for this.