Learning Plan Functionality Question

  • 7 October 2021
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I’m fairly new to Docebo so any thoughts or guidance would be awesome!

We are working on the development of a Certification Prep course that involves 7 courses with exams. We would like to have them taken in a specific order and “lock” the next course until the prior lesson is complete. We have been looking at using learning plans as the delivery option but I'm not sure if there is any functionality to complete this. Like I mentioned, any thoughts or advice is appreciated! 


4 replies

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In the learning plans, there is the Prerequisite option.  You can set the completion of specific courses as a prerequisite to unlock courses further down your list in the Learning Plan. 



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@sean.moss adding to @Annarose.Peterson and you can also determine when a course in the LP is made available; which is pretty cool


@Annarose.Peterson @lrnlab thank you so much! I think I have what I need now. 

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High five!