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Learning Plan updates

  • 13 May 2022
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Hello! Looking for thoughts or ideas - we have Learning Plans set up based on department/role.  When we add courses to the Learning Plans it adds the course to all users enrolled, which is what most folks want.  Is there a way to not have that course populate for everyone?  For example, I might be in Role ABC and have been in it for 5 years and now they created a course that is entry level and I don’t need to take it since I already know the content and it would be more for new associates in the role.  Is there a way to get it to not populate for everyone without unenrolling them from the Learning Plan?  Or any ideas on ways to get around this?


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@Jamie Pitzen - I believe the answer is not really. Your enrolling a person into a learning plan cannot currently drive filtering logic where we want to “show or hide object A, B, D to all users” in this group. By the act of them being enrolled today? They become “eligible” to complete all of the learning objects within.

There remain whispers of LP improvements coming down the pike. One of them being conditional logic making a course optional instead of mandatory. That may help some of what you are doing.

But I think you all are ultimately going to need to go down the path of partitioning your learning plans and then using some completions of a last interaction in LP A to drive them to LP B