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  • 17 March 2022
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Is there a way to make the learning plans the first tiles listed in your list of enrolled courses?  I want to make sure people spot them straight away.  At the moment  Learning plans that are ongoing will be pushed further down the list and potentially be harder to find if someone has enrolled on many courses.

3 replies

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Hi @KTJD have you tried playing around with the default sorting options on the My Courses page? You could use the “code” option and start your LP codes with a 1. Not sure if that would work. Just a thought 

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I would consider using separate widgets on a custom page to separate your Learning Plans and Courses. 


It’s actually pretty easy to make custom widget pages. You can find the instructions here: There’s also a Docebo University course on it. 

Try changing your sort order. You could try sorting them alphabetically and putting a special character in front of the names of your learning plans and that should force them to the top of your list, ie.

“**Learning Plan1”

“**Learning Plan2”


I hope this helps.