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Manage enrollments from csv

  • 8 June 2022
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Good morning!

We are getting ready to launch Docebo and I am working to get the learning history into Docebo from our previous LMS. 

It’s a bit disappointing that importing the history via the certifications and retraining app doesn’t allow the course to show in the activities history or the certificate to be available for download.

I am looking at importing the users to the course directly via csv but the columns are very limited. I am missing the status (in this case completed) and completion date to make this work.  

Does anyone have any useful advise about how to do this without too many manual steps?

(the goal is that existing users can see their learning history under activities and also download a certificate for the certification courses). 

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@aswartz We encountered this issue when we stood up our platform about 3 years ago. The main issue was that we could not assign a completion date IN THE PAST. Our solution was to work closely with our implementation manager to have Docebo importing the enrollment records. It did take us several tries to get the completion date correct.

Another alternative is to use a “waiver” course that denotes completion in another system. We used this approach for about 30,000 users in a different tenant on our platform. There is no training material in this course, just an equivalent setting to the actual courses that the learner has already completed. Use the .csv to load the waivers for all of the learners. Then select all of the enrolled learners and change the status (Choose an Action button) to Completed. The completion date is the date of this action.

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Anyone else running into these issues should definitely check out this thread:

I only found it after creating this request but the answer by @Rebbecam does exactly what I need it to do.