Managing scores for multiple choice questions

  • 14 January 2022
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When creating a multiple choice question in a test, how do you prefer to assign a score for each answer option? 

Typically, we believe the learner should select all the correct answer(s) to earn a total score of 1 point for that question. So we’d use the option “Same score for each question (total score divided by displayed number of questions)” in the Score Management section of the test. For example, we have a test of 10 questions with a combination of single and multiple questions, but each one is worth 1 point. 

However, this option becomes disabled if we wish to choose questions from the Question Bank. We’re forced to manually input a score for each answer option of question which can throw off the total score for that question. For example, if we have a multiple choice with 3 correct answers out of 4 answer options, then we have to calculate each correct answer with a score of 0.3333 for a total of 0.999. We can never get that whole number. 

Has anyone here faced this challenge and found a workaround? 

Thanks in advance for your input!

3 replies

I’m not entirely sure if this will solve your issue when pulling a question from the question bank, but we’ve activated this in our Advanced Settings “If this option is enabled, a multiple choice test question that’s only partially correct will be marked as incorrect (for example, if the user flags only two out of three correct answers)
The user must get all answers correct to earn the question score
You just have to remember that this is a global setting

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@jli we have the option mentioned by @mibister enabled, and we don’t distribute the points equally among all correct answers - so using your example, if we have a multiple choice with 3 correct answers out of 4 answer options, we assign 0.3, 0.3 and 0.4 points to the correct answers (or any other numbers that add up to 1). So if the user will mark everything correct they will get 1 point, but if they will make a mistake, there will be 0 points assigned (per the option above).


@mibister This is exactly what I’m looking for. I can’t imagine I’ll ever need this on an individual test basis Thanks, you solved my problem. 

@alekwo With the option mentioned above, providing unequal points to questions makes sense. Previously, learners would question how points were distributed. Thanks for the tip!