Manually registering multiple users in an ILT

  • 14 September 2023
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Is anyone having an issues manually registering users into an event that come from different companies?

I used to be able to see all our users and then I could do a search and pull up who I needed, check them, then add more.  The past couple days, when I search I only pull those users at that specific email address and it won’t let me go back and search for another set of users.  I now have to do a couple at a time and then start the process all over again.  Just wondering before I submit a ticket.


2 replies

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@monica.cheek Have you done the usual browser troubleshooting? Like clearing your cache/cookies/history? Do you get the same behavior from a different browser? Is it just ILT courses that are the issue?

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@KMallette - you know in the past I would forget about that but it seems like that’s my first plan of action. I even did it for over 7 days.  I did notice as well that all the pop ups and accept cookies message is now appearing within Docebo.  I will try another browser to see if that resolves and if not, I will log a ticket.  Thank you for your time!