Moving the placement of the 'NEXT' button within a module

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Does anyone know of a way to change the placement of the ‘NEXT’ button within a SCORM module, from within Docebo (settings)?:

I had reached out to Support, and they stated that there is not currently an option for this; however, it can likely be removed via the module authoring tool.

I am wondering if anyone has found a way to remove it/hide it/change the location of it within the platform itself, however, as this Community tends to have workarounds for things.


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Hi @abaumgard !

Not sure if this is what you need, since it’ll apply the change system-wide, but in case it’s helpful, you can deactivate those buttons from “Configure Branding and Look/Course Player/Lightbox Navigation”. Hope that helps! 

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Thank you so much! Yes, that is very helpful!