Notifications: Do your power users all see the same ones?

  • 4 February 2022
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Interested to know if anyone has come across this issue…

We have 2 power users under the same sub domain with exactly the same PU role, yet when each of them visit the notification page, they do not see the same ones. Sometimes they see very few and then mysteriously the next time they visit the page, they can see more but not all.

I have logged tickets on this and was explained that when a super created notifications for someone in a sub domain, the super needed to be logged in under that sub domain...I thought, great! that should solve it; unfortunately it did not...we could never figure out why some appeared to the PU while others did not so as a workaround, I needed to impersonate the PU before creating the notifications to make sure they could see them but didn't solve the issue as the other PU with the same permissions still cannot see 3 of them…

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and whether anyone has managed to find the root cause of this.

Thank you!!

3 replies

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I know this answer comes super late and I only found this post by accident. But we had a similar issue like the one you’re describing. 

We have the same Power User profile assigned to all LnD staff, with the same permissions etc. However, not all of them see the same notifications. In our case, we found out why that happened. And it was related to how the notifications were configured and how the ressources are assigned to individual power users. 

In our case, the problem was that some notifications were set to “all groups”. This worked as long as the power users had indeed all groups assigned to them (you need to do it manually, there is no “all groups” option). However, when we created a new group and it wasn’t added as a ressource to the power user yet, the notifications set to “all groups” disappeared for those power users. The easy fix was just to make sure we add the new group as a ressource to the powers users.

Not sure if that answers your question or if you knew this already (especially after 2 years), but you’re definitely not alone with this problem.

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It’s gotten little better but still not perfect...we often need to review permission resources, etc. after some time when other admins have created ‘stuff’ that some other PU’s cannot see.

It would be a good thing for Docebo to clearly define the rules and connecting points that need to be established to ensure proper PU visibility into the resources they need.

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We are having a similar issue. Our PU’s have access to courses based on Categories. Therefore when someone building a course doesn’t assign the proper category it prevents our power users from see a large chunk of the notifications if one is assigned to the course with the category improperly assigned. 

We also use Standard Notifications we have built and if no courses are assigned, our PUs can’t see them at all, which means they need to reach out to our SuperAdmin team for additional assistance. Its rather confusing when our notifications are assigned to all branches, as the documentation says will support PUs visibility, but learning there more to it than that and course visibility makes a larger difference