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  • 14 February 2022
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So I’ve just started playing with the observation checklists. I think they might be quite a good way to record evidence to support performance goals so a couple of questions that I’m hoping someone will be able to answer.

  1. Can you make some of the questions not mandatory to answer?
  2. In the ‘new observation checklist to approve’ notification, has anyone worked out a way to add the managers name? I can only add the users name using the [fullname] shortcode.
  3. Can you get it to go every 2 weeks for a year? I cannot get it to do this, no matter what dates I put in (I assume I’m just dyslexic on this one and there’s a simple answer)
  4. Can the manager or user share a link to the checklist? It would be good to link it up with our performance review software.

These are the Docebo knowledge base articles I’ve been using so far:

3 replies

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Hi @Lucy.blake hopefully this can help...for the manager, you need to select. the following to make the checklist available to a user’s direct manager.


as for the dates, if you read the note above the date-field, the first 2 dates relate the amount of time you want the checklist to be available, so you could input 1 week (or whatever makes sense for you = ex: Start Date = 2/14/2022 & End Date = 2/19/2022) the you can add the repetition which tells Docebo to send this out every 2 weeks after that from 2/14/2022

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks, @lrnlab; the dates thing did answer my question.

I can assign it to a manager to approve, but when I send out the email, the shortcode [first_name] is the person who has filled in the approval checklist, not the manager to approve. It seems weird that there is no other shortcodes on that notification.

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If you feel that’s needed you might try logging a ticket or posting an idea for that