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  • 8 October 2021
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Was wondering if there was any more information regarding how courses can be used offline. I’ve seen some posts saying that Docebo has an offline player but there seems to be no actual information about how to set it up or use it.





3 replies

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HI @andrew.maranta I believe this only available via the Mobile app

Hi @lrnlab , interesting. I found in this article that they said there was a windows offline player, and then if you follow the link to learn more it really does not explain at all how to use it. :



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@andrew.maranta hmmm, by the looks of the article it appears to be quite old referencing v6.5. We are now on v7.8. It almost sounds like this may have been an app/add-on that may no longer be available now that the mobile app has been launched. Good question for support