Outlook Connector vs. Built in system notifications

We are in the process of implementing Docebo to replace an existing LMS. We have the Outlook Connector and are trying to understand when to use Outlook connector versus the built in notification options within Docebo. Does anyone have suggestions on when or why to use one over the other? Outlook connector is certainly more complex but it seems the built in notifications have limitations on what short codes can be included. Has anyone used the Outlook connector to send instructor led training reminders or pre-work emails (not just calendar invites) and have examples they could share? 

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We have implemented Connect for Outlook but found it is also rather limited and based mostly on Docebo triggers so while you can configure the message, etc. there are some things you cannot get around..some examples are sending invites in multiple languages, customization for sub domains (you cannot dynamically include links back to the LMS for sub domains as it will not create the proper links), just to name a few...so if you’re need is mostly to integrate with outlook and have RSVP available in the LMS this is an ok tool...there’s likely more that you can do with this tool but it does require a solid understanding of rules and some coding to get it right...lots of testing too...

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I feel pre work should be identified by creating a folder in the course they are attending or by creating a learning plan with the pre-work as a prerequisite to attend the session. We have the outlook connect by are currently just utilizing the calendar function and video conference for our virtual courses. 

With that said, I am curious to see if others have input on integrating notifications in this manner.