overdue mandatory courses - how to set

  • 24 March 2022
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I might be missing something here. I have a set of mandatory courses that I have bundled together in a learning plan.  Some of these courses require a refresh so i have created a certification which prompts them to renew every x years.  this all works fine.

However, when a manager looks at their team, it only shows when someone is overdue when someone has completed a course and then their certificate has expired.  How can we ensure managers see when someone hasnt completed a mandatory course at all.  

Can some explain to me if its possible to specify that when we enrol someone on a learning plan that its overdue instantly so managers can see what courses their staff have to complete (or some other alternative method).

2nd Question  - is there any way of displaying a session start date for someone when a manager is looking at their staff member profile?  the only way i can find it is in the unwieldy manager report (which by the way is in column 37 in the excel report!!!)



1 reply

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i think i may have partially solved the puzzle by giving all the mandatory courses a soft validity period of 1 day.  this way mandatory courses that havent been done (after 24houras) show up as overdue on the manager dashboard.

Doesn’t solve the issue of managers being able to see which courses are overdue though.