"Pausing" Certifications

  • 21 February 2022
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Dear Community,

Do you also use Certifications that need to be renewed? What do you do when an individual user does not need to renew a Certification anymore (because they have a new position in the company and don’t need that topic anymore) but want to somehow “pause” it? We don’t want to erase the Certification (for compliance reasons of keeping training records), we also cannot set it to “never-ending” (that would not be factually correct). 

Do you have any good solutions or tips?

Thank you very much!

5 replies

From my understanding, there is no way to do this. We have the same problem as well. Either people leaving position or going out on leave. Currently working with a CSC on this problem

We have the same issue and would like to be able to ‘suspend’ the certification requirement when necessary.

Agree, suspending the certification would be great. This is currently a huge issue for us when it comes to people that were on leave and lapsed their certificates when it comes to auditing. We had a call with a CSC for this but there is no way around it. The certification will keep rolling even when we deactivate their accounts. 

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Agree, we need this as well.  A lot of our certifications are state based and if you move states you require a different certification based on how frequent the retraining needs to occur. It would be nice to transfer onto the new certification so they are still certified but now meet the new retraining requirement.

I created this idea in the community, so feel free to upvote if you like the idea and want to see it as a feature! "Pausing" Certifications | Community (docebo.com)