Power User - All Permission for Certificate

  • 22 December 2021
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Hi all,

I have a question regarding PU all permission for certificate. Pardon me if the question seems noob.

The “All Permission” for PU on certificate consists of “View, Edit and View only the certificate issue for their assigned courses and learning plans”. It does not have Create permission. But when we log in as a PU, we can still see New Certificate button in Certificate Template page. When we click the button, it allows the PU to proceed with the creation but upon clicking Confirm, the certificate did not appear on the certificate page.

If this is not allowed, why do we have the button in the first place?

Would be great if someone can explain the reason so we can explain it to our clients as well. 

Thank you so much!

6 replies

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I was able to replicate this. However, when I logged in as Super Admin I was able to see the certificate created by PU. But PU cannot see the certificate in the certificate page. Strange! Look like it’s a bug.

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Yes, you are right. We noticed the newly created certificate by the PU was displayed in Super Admin page but not in PU itself.

We have created a ticket but just want to check in here to see maybe there is a reason why Docebo has this feature in PU profile.

Will wait for Helpdesk response and update here.

Thanks @Chelsy Koshy:slight_smile:

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@haziehalim we had an issue with certificate visibility with a power user.  We were able to get the Power User to see the certificate as long as they were enrolled and marked as completed on a course that had the certificate assigned.


I know it is an extra annoying step, but I wonder if you create a course shell with that power user’s certificate, and enroll the PU, then mark them as Complete if the PU will be able to see the certificate they created?

Most definitely a bug issue.  Hopefully the work around helps!

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Hi both,

Just received words from Helpdesk. Apparently this is an expected behavior for PUs when creating new certificate. They can create new certificate but they can’t view it. After creation, the certificate template will only be visible to Superadmins first. And if the superadmin associate the certificate to a course and this course is assigned to the PU, then only the PU would be able to see the certificate he created.

TBH, I don’t see the value in having the permission to create new certificate but not allowed to view it. Surely i want to see how the cert looks like before my superadmin assign it to courses. maybe making some adjustments first before giving it a greenlight?

This confused me and a PU this morning! Many thanks for this thread, it works but it such a weird work around!! 

I actually think this is tied to that permission for “View only the certificate issue for their assigned courses and learning plans”. If you take that off, it allows them to create (which I’m guessing is through the Edit permission) and successfully create a new certificate template, build it out and then apply it to courses.

An issue we are having here is that there does seem to be a glitch (which probably doesn’t apply to most people) but power users can see the certificate templates other power users outside of their branch create as well. We use the system where branches are actually different companies, so this is an issue for us. But, again - likely not an issue for others.