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Power user enrolment button visibility

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In the latest monthly release notes it says

HEADS UP! Course enrollment button visibility update for Power Users

For those using the Power Users app, please note that starting on August 19, 2021, in order for Power Users to be able to see the Enrollment button for courses,  the profile they are assigned must have both Enrollment and View permissions enabled for courses.”

Does anyone know which permissions need to change?  I’ve looked and the options there are not the same as the text above!


Best answer by tdconnelly 28 May 2021, 19:18

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The permissions that will be changed have not been updated in the platforms yet! When this update happens on August 19th the product team will release the new set of permissions. If I am understanding it correctly, they will be adding “Enrollment” under the option of permissions for the Course area. So I believe on August 19th you will need to add “Enrollment” and “View”(which is already available) to the set of permissions allowed for courses for that power user profile in order for the power to view & enroll users into the assigned courses! 

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Hey @joanna.lay! I’ve been following up on this internally as well.

As far as I understand, at the moment, this is throwing an error with some flows/configurations, and the goal is for the product team to preempt that by not allowing the configuration in the first place. 

Like @tdconnelly says, it’s a work in progress on the development side which will be ready for August, but I’ll try to get some more information to share here and directly as soon as I can. :)

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Thanks @SuperShaune and @tdconnelly, the reason I was asking if we’ve had an issue where power users are automatically placed on a waiting list when they try to enrol on a course and I was wondering if this was related.  I will check the set up on our site.