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What notification should I use for a power user of an area to be notified if a user completes a course? I don’t see a digest available for this and am not sure if Learner Completed a Course is appropriate.

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Hi simone.yaghi

Under Courses we use “Learner completed a course.” We schedule the notification to go out at the time of the event, we select the branches, and we select target role for our notification under power users. 

Hi there!

The notification you want is Learner Completed a Course. One thing to keep in mind - the power user is only notified if both the learner and the completed course are assigned to the power user. 

Specific details about this and all the notifications can be found in a resource titled “List of Notification Events and Conditions” inside this Knowledge Base article:

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If the power user is assigned as their direct manager, then you do not have to assign the power users the courses to see if the learner completed the course. This is a work around around until a release for power user visibility should be coming out in Q3/Q4.

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HI @simone.yaghi just adding on...essentially you create a ‘copy’ of the “learner completed course” notification but customize it for the recipient group...these are you options:

So you can create a custom version for each recipient group as well as for specific groups and branches and by extension via PU permissions, different courses as well.