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Power Users enrolling people into ILT that requires payment

  • 1 July 2021
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I need help or suggestions on a problem we are encountering:

Here is a little background - All of our courses (both e-learning and VILT) require payment.  We do allow our clients to purchase subscription licenses so that users can enroll into e-learning courses for free.  But all of our VILT courses require payment no matter what.  Also, each of our client groups have a power user that has certain permissions to help manage their own users. We normally allow our power users to enroll their users who have subscription licenses into e-learning courses, which is fine, since they have purchased the course through the subscription.  Since the ILTs require payment, only end users should be able to enroll into them after they complete the purchase process. We want power users to still be able to see the courses, so that they can pull reports on those courses if they need to.

Today we noticed that one of our power users was able to enroll people into an ILT course that requires payment, but the people were not enrolled into a session.  I checked our power user permissions to see how to can keep the power user from enrolling into the ILT all together, and we have the permissions for Classroom sessions and Webinar sessions set to “View” only.  Which would make sense that a power user could view the sessions, but they could not enroll someone into them.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like those permissions restrict enrollment to the ILT course (instead the user is kind of stuck in the course with no session).  The other downside is users who are enrolled into the course but no session are not placed onto any waitlist, so monitoring waitlists won’t catch any of these ILT enrollments.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Does anyone have any ideas around how to allow Power users to still be able to view the course/sessions but not enroll users into the course at all?



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Hi @Annarose.Peterson hmmm, yes we have similar issues with the PU permissions…

In your roles, have you granted “Course Management > View” as well? This is where I believe part of the issue lies. It’s quite complicated to unravel though and although i have done extensive testing over the past year, I’m still not 100% on what  combination of permissions should be granted (our PU’s have more than they need but it’s what we have to do in order for them to be able to buy & assign courses)

** note that there is no real “link” between eCommerce transactions, Approvals and Enrollments (beside the obvious of buy a course > marked as PAID > user is enrolled). Apart from that other combinations of permissions seem to also open up areas we don't want them to see or have access to…

As for your users in limbo on your waiting might try using the notification called:
“User waiting to be approved to a Webinar Session” and/or “User waiting to be approved to a ILT Session”  but not sure if these will work if you are not using Approvals…

Alternatively, and this is a bit of a stretch, you could try and manage this using the eCommerce transaction notifications that go to super admins as a way of knowing who bought what course and work through those to find anyone who may be in a waiting list...definitely not an elegant solution but it could give you some visibility…

Last, you could augment your notifications used to confirm a user’s purchase to instruct them to go bac and choose a session themselves...may be worth a try.

Hope this helps



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Thank you @lrnlab I appreciate your input!  We are going to look at notifications and see if there is a way to have something sent to the user letting then know they are not enrolled in a session and must pay for the course to be enrolled.