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  • 5 July 2024
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I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on a potential workaround for an issue we have.

Our LMS instance is fed from our HR system call ‘itrent’.  in our organisation people can have multiple contracts e.g. a part time role for 3 days, a temp role that happens occasionally etc.  Its not unusual for some people to have a number of temporary contracts.

The impact this has on the LMS is that the data for fields like ‘job title’, ‘reporting unit’, ‘manager’ come across for all contracts in what i think must be date order.  So the details for someone's main job (even if that's the job they are in 4 days a week), could end up in ‘Job title 3’, ‘reporting unit 3’, ‘manager 3’.

This is a problem for things like:

  • The manager not being able to see all details for someone as they are not manager number 1
  • All managers getting manager related notifications.  I only want the notification/approval to go to the manager of their main job.
  • Not being able to group people easily as they can appear in multiple branches.

So my question is, does anyone else have this problem and/or does anything know how we can ‘prioritise’ certain roles to be used over others?

I know the LMS doesn't have the concept of a ‘primary role’, and im trying to work with our suppliers to find out if there is something can do to prioritise roles before they get to the LMS, but can anyone think of a work around in the LMS itself.

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depends on how you want to manage these folks...If I understand you correctly, you’d like to track the 2nd & 3rd level managers but not have any notifications sent to that correct?

We did start by using the Manager Types to grant access to 2nd level managers but never really tested to see id they also get notificaitons like the 1st manager...if that is the case, pretty sure there isn't a whole lot you can do to curtail that.

We added a text field to store the manager name (relic of when the manager was not available in reports) but found a new use for it. When users are terminated and left enrolled in courses with due dates, we found that managers were still getting notices for these when we terminate them, we change the direct manager to fake profile called “no Manager” that has a fake email; then we store the manager’s name is that text field. Could some version of this work for you? I realize they would not have the same permissions as they would have if you added them via the Manager Types. You're kind of stuck between 2 worlds unfortunately.