PU Ability to Suspend Users from e-Learning enrolment

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May I know if there is a way for PUs to directly select Suspended status for users’ enrolment to e-Learning courses? 

At the moment, a PU can only select Enrolled status. Some of our clients require their learners to apply for e-Learning course enrolment and get approval from their managers first. The current steps that PUs need to do if they want to reject the application is:

  1. Select Enrolled status
  2. Once user is enrolled, then only they can change the status to Suspended

This cause a lot of confusions to their users due to email notifications. First, they received notification saying they have been enrolled, minutes later received another notification saying they have been suspended from the same course.

If this is expected behavior, may we know the logic behind it so we can better explain it to the client?

Thank you so much.

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