[Q&A] May 2024 Release Readiness Webinar

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Thank you to everyone who attended our May 2024 Release Readiness webinar. If you missed it, you can catch it here on demand. 


Also, be sure to check out the May 2024 Release Roundup for everything you need for this release!


We received many questions during the live event that we answered live, however, below are the ones that pertain to this release that we weren’t able to answer during the live session:


Q. Can we now add DLI surveys to Learning plans?

  1. At this time, DLI questionnaires can only be linked to courses, we are exploring the possibility of also linking DLI questionnaires to Learning plans


Q. Can Learning Plans include optional paid-for ILT courses along with free elearning? We’d like to allow users to add supplemental ILT to bolster learning from self-paced learning.

  1. Yes!


Q. Has the issue with uploading ILT recordings in the new course player page been fixed? That's the only thing keeping us from switching over.

  1. We don't have any DD related to issues of ILT recording uploads in the backlog, so I assume it has been fixed. If you have any additional details, I can investigate a little bit more.


Q. For the New Course Page, is there a way to remove the "Overview" at the bottom of a lesson? it takes up a lot of space and most learners don't realize to reduce it despite telling them

  1. The widgets at the bottom of the lesson can be removed by deleting the widget in the 'Training Material' tab on the editing page of a course. This action can be performed by admins or power users.



That’s all the questions. Thanks to everyone who attended this session and asked a question. 


Have any more?  Share them below! 👇👇👇

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