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Quiz before accessing learning material

  • 25 November 2021
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Hello all,

I’ve got a specific use-case I wonder if anyone has implemented before. We’re creating some internal compliance training and want to do it in the following way:

  • First, everyone will take a quiz.
    • If you pass, you’re done.
    • If you fail, you have to review all the learning material, and then retake the test.

Has anyone done this? Or have ideas as to how to do this?



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Hi @Justin there are several ways you can do can set up your content so that the test is first with a pre-req on your next piece of content so that if they don't pass, they cannot continue. 

There is also a setting on the Advanced Properties tab > Details 

that can control the flow of your learning objects.

If you want to get very complex, you can also have a pre-test in one course and the other content in another course...If they pass the test, you can use an Groups to automatically assign them to a that group then use the group in the Enrollment Rules to assign the next course.

In your case, if they fail the test and you want them to take the rest of the course before taking the test again, you might create a pre-test and post test. The pre-test could setup as the ‘end object marker’ which will mark the course as completed if passed. if they fail, they would complete the training and then take the post test.

Hope some of these options can be helpful.

Hello @lrnlab,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried what you suggested and here’s what happened:

The user being “Complete” after passing the pre-test worked great.

However, after passing the post-test the user is shown as “In-progress”. Any thoughts on how to move the user to “Complete” after passing the post-test?


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You could try making that an end object marker as well…the only issue would be that you would need to remove any pre-req settings between the pre-test and content and post-test (if that works for you)

Perhaps you can augment your pre-test with a fail message explaining the next steps the user needs to take and make it a 1 attempt test only…??

Thanks @lrnlab that does exactly what I need!