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Real time course completion

  • 24 August 2023
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Hello, everyone. In a digital world, my team needs to move faster. However, I’m surprised that there aren’t more tasks in the task list widget that apply to SAs and PUs. Here’s what I’m looking for:

Let’s say I have 250 e-learning courses published. Our of the 250, I only need real-time information on 10 of those courses. When I say real-time, I mean that an individual (customer) completes e-learning and passes a test, then my team gets the score immediately. Next, (this is the important part), my team must perform an action for that customer (issuing software access) within two hours. That action is outside of Docebo. 

I’ve assumed that getting this information would be easier in Docebo, but the best I can do is schedule a daily report. There must be something I can put on my PU’s dashboard that addresses this need. APIs, code, or other solutions. I appreciate how talented ya’ll are, but I don’t have that capacity or budget right now. Thank you. 




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Hmm, what about the “Learner Completed A Course” notification?

Triggers when a course is marked as complete (all training materials are completed or end object marker is completed).

Please note that this notification is also sent when a Superadmin or Power User manually marks the learner as completing a course. The notification is sent to Power Users only if both the learner and the completed course are assigned to the Power User.


I’ve never used this notification before, but it sounds like it could be a potential solution?

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agree with @Sarahh 

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Uh-oh. I may have left an important point out. What if they need to pass the test to receive the software access? I’ve seen the “user completed/failed a test” but my team needs to know the score of the test to determine whether they passed. So, ultimately we need the test score and the completion is then implied. Thank you for responding! I always appreciate the assistance from this community.

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both versions have short codes that can display a score...only thing is one is the overall course score while the other is the test score...if your course only has the test, you can probably use either.

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You can also make it so a passing score is required to complete the course:

  • If the user fails the quiz, the course remains as “in progress”
  • If the user passes the quiz, the course is marked as “complete”, and the notification should fire

I use Elucidat to create my content, and most of my courses require a score of 80% (or higher). If a user scores 79% or less, the course remains as “in progress”. I let my users redo quizzes as many times as they want, you may want to adjust this for yours.

You’d definitely want to do some testing to make sure the course scoring and notification work as expected.

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Thank you both. It looks like I’ll need to update some permission sets, as well. We have Power Users that have the same permission sets but are located in different countries. I don’t want every Power User to get the notifications. I’ll test the testing options, too.

I use the test feature in Docebo even though I can add tests in Rise 360. I’m not sure how that helps or hurts me, yet. More to learn. 

Last thing I need to know is if I can get the notifications on a page (dashboard for my PU). I’ll look around the community to see if this has been answered. 

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@CDoerger Yes, you can get the notifications to the Dashboard. 

When you create the notification, you can select either Email or Notifications or both.


The Notifications check box delivers the notification to the bell on the dashboard.