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Recommended Image height for widgets

  • 29 December 2021
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I am trying to determine a good starting point for image height for widgets on pages. The documentation only talks about with.

Images are displayed in order to fit the available width. Since the original image ratio is preserved, the widget height will be resized accordingly. Make sure the image width is not smaller than the widget width, or it will be scaled up and might look blurry. Widget widths are  444px for 1/3 row widget, 680px 1/2 row widgets, 917px for 2/3 row widgets and 1390px for full row.

I am not a graphics artist and I need to ask for approved images from Marketing, who is asking me for the aspect ratio (height x width). I will be using a combination of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, and full rows. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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Hi @dianex.gomez, since the aspect ratio is maintained, the question is whether you want long and skinny images or taller images that take up more space. For instance, if you wanted a thin, full-width ribbon at the top of your page you would probably do something like 1390px(width)x 100px (height). 

That would result in something that looks like this:


But if you wanted something taller that contained a few lines of text maybe you would make it 500px tall instead: 



You can visualize the aspect ratio with placeholder image creation tools online like this one:


I don’t think there’s any “best practices” when it comes to image heights, it’s just a matter of what shape the image on the page should be.