Seeking Feedback: Share Badges on Social media

  • 3 September 2021
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with august release admins can now make badges sharable on LinkedIn by learners.

LinkedIn was chosen as #1 Business social media,

but there are many other social media 

Is there any Social Media that you want to suggest for our next “share a badge to” feature?
and why is important for your learners?



6 replies

Hi Marco, I am interested in connecting badges with a 3rd-party system such as Credly, which I know has been under consideration. Can you provide any insight to that feature being implemented? 

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We have in plan a native Credly integration

With the Native Credly integration will be possible to associate a specific Docebo Badge (e.g. “Security Certification XYZ” , to a Credly one “Certified Security Expert XYZ” in your Credly Organization Account

In this way when an user get the Docebo Badge, automatically will be assigned also the Credly one to him

Also a badge deletion integration will be available, if you delete the Badge assigned to a person in Docebo, the linked Credly one will be revoked too.

The Credly Integration will be included in the Gamification app (but obviously to use it you will need also a Credly Subscription as Organization) 

If a more complex integration is needed (e.g. with complex rules, time of the year based, etc) my suggestion is to take a look at Docebo Connect.

Credly API are well documented and Docebo Connect is a very powerful tool for this kind of integration 

(Docebo Connect Is not a product managed by my team but I had the opportunity to test it, and, to be honest ,I found it really “addictive” for how easy is for creating integrations :relaxed:



Hey Marco! I’ve noticed that via the Go.learn App there are more social networks with which you can share your badges (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp). I tested this with Whatsapp and only a cropped image of the Badge was shared. Is this feature under construction?

Twitter would be on my list for where to be able to share.

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LinkedIn, Twitter, and then far far back in the distance, anything else…


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@Marco.T we’re about to license Credly, so very glad to hear an integration with Docebo is coming. Is there an estimate as to when it might be made available?