Self-registration and enrollment without visibility for all

  • 1 June 2022
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I want to be able to send out the enrollment link to a course to users who are NOT yet registered in the platform. Clicking the link will take them through the register process and upon successful registration, they are automatically enrolled in the course I sent them the link to.

I thought I had figured out who to achieve that by:

  • Platform advanced settings - Free self-registration
  • Course properties - enable enrollment link; show course in internal catalogs only ; self-enrollments are available

However, with those settings ANY learner in the platform can enroll the course, and i don't want that. I only want learners with the enrollment link to be able to enroll.

I initially had the course properties as “show course only to enrolled users”, but that meant that the self-registered users couldn’t see it in order to enroll on it.

Any ideas how I can set this up?

3 replies

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Hi @ChristinaC you can remove the self-enroll option on the course as the course enrollment link will allow anyone with the link to be instantly enrolled in the course. 

If you need to send a mass communication, you can use the Enrollment Code option however you will need to ask support to enabler to Subscription Code app in order to have access to this option.


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Thanks for the speedy reply, @lrnlab .

I hadn’t appreciated the subtle difference! I have changed that setting now.

A follow up question, if I may. Is there any way to turn off the “get shareable link” option? I want to be able to control who has the link and whilst obviously anyone can forward an email I send them with a link in it, I don’t want there to be a button right there in the platform inviting people to share the course.

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sadly there is no way to use the link and not have it appear unless you try and hide it using CSS. This is why we use the Subscription can essentially create a single course code to share with you want to and issue unique codes that can only be used by a single user (as described in the first post I added above)