Subscription plans built-in page not displayed properly on mobile

  • 5 December 2023
  • 2 replies

Hello everyone! I’m a relatively new user, trying to set up a platform where I can sell multiple different subscription plans. Unfortunately, when I have more than one plan on offer, the built-in subscription plans page will not properly display them when you view the page on a mobile browser (screenshot attached below).  

Has anyone else had this problem, and have you found a solution? Is there some custom CSS I could apply to make the page usable on a mobile browser? Or a simple option for building an alternative page in the platform to display and sell subscription options? I would appreciate any insights you all may have. I have tried to wrangle it with CSS, but I haven’t had much luck. Thanks!


2 replies

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Just curious as I see a few strange things going on there, do you have a large amount of custom CSS already configured for various things around the platform? If so, can you try removing it and then seeing if it displays any better (would love to see that screenshot as well).

Thanks for the reply @Bfarkas! I was also thinking my custom CSS might be the problem, so I already tried removing it. I cleared everything I had in there for the entire platform before I took this screenshot. I have tried a few different CSS approaches to make this subscription page look better, but I am finding it really hard to work with! I will admit that my CSS skills are pretty limited though.