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Team Leaders enrolling users to specific ILT sessions

  • 15 March 2023
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Morning Docebo Community!


We’re trying to get our people managers across the business to use the “My Team” functionality more, and one of the things we would like to do is have managers enrol their staff into face to face workshops (or ILT to use the Docebo term) that we have set up.


Unless I’m missing something, there only seems to be the possibility of enrolling them into the course as a whole, and NOT into a specific session. Is that correct, or is there some way that we can use the functionality to have managers pick a specific session for their team members?


I know we could set them all up as admins and have them enrol learners that way but (1) that’s a lot of effort to set everyone up with the correct rights/manage them and (2) if there’s too many steps to follow I know that most of them won’t want to do it...


Thanks for your help as always! 



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3 replies

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These are the only option I can see in terms of Enrollment setting for Managers, sessions were not mentioned. Maybe you can customize the enrollment notification where users enrolled will need to coordinate first their schedules with their managers before enrolling to a session? Or grant Power User access to your key person if this will be an ongoing program so they can enroll users into a session.

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That’s right, managers cannot register their employees into specific sessions; only enrol them into a course. not sure why that is…

you may want to vote this up:


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Duly noted and upvoted! Would be a great feature to have…

Thanks for the responses :)