Teams Integration - any tips?

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After jumping through a lot of hoops with our IT team, I’ve been able to get the Teams integrations setup to allow us to schedule webinars directly in Teams Meetings. We’re doing some testing sessions to figure out what our process will be but it seems promising. Does anyone have any tips or watch outs they can share?

For now, we’re just doing a Teams Meeting integration, not Live Events, but I’d be interested in any experience with Live Events as well. Thank you

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Hey @rich.schmick, I used this post as reference for our discovery

Lessons learned from our side are:

  • You will need to create an account per instructor. To do this, you will need to have the instructors access the integration for them to pair their account. 
  • Only the instructor will see the events in their calendar, attendees will not get them through the integrations, only through a user enroll in a session notification and it needs to have the calendar attachment.
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@alinabo so am I reading your post correctly that every instructor that uses teams needs their own integration? We set up an enterprise integration which I tested and it mostly worked. 

The one issue I encountered in was that both learners and instructors entered the teams meeting at presenters. I had to manually depreciate learners to attendees. Have you encountered this?


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Update.. we did a bunch of tweaking and learning and here is how we set up teams meetings through Docebo into our shared outlook pairing. Hope it helps. 


If you are creating an ILT session using Teams.

This integration has been created using the shared account. Meetings created in Docebo will appear in the outlook calendar for this account. 


Steps to configure


  1. Create an event in an ILT course
    1. Video Conference Tool- MS Teams Meeting
    2. Account- ETC Teams Service Account (Meeting)
    3. Set appropriate attendence options. 
    4. Set appropriate Join button options
      1. Instructors= 30 min prior
      2. learner= 10 min prior
  2. Open meeting in Outlook calendar for and set up your meeting
    1. Open Scheduling assistant and add any instructors as Required Attendees
      1. If you are not the one configuring the meeting you can skip to step 3 and any co-orginizer can set up the meeting. 
    2. Open Meeting Options
      1. Who can bypass the lobby -Everyone
      2. Announce when callers join or leave - No
      3. Choose co-organizers
        1. Add the instructors
        1. Everyone= All attendees come in as presenters
        2. Specific people= these people are presenters others are attendees
        3. Only me and Co-organizers= Only those specifically invited to the teams meeting are presenters
        4. People in my orginization and guests= anyone weith an is a presenter
      5. Allow mic for attendees - Yes
      6. Allow camera for attendees - Yes
      7. Record automatically - No (I prefer to manage when the recording starts)
      8. Allow meeting chat -  In meeting only (this means chat isn’t available before or after the meeting)
      9. Allow reactions - Yes
      10. Enable Q&A -
        1. If you want a Q&A you can enable this. Q&A will display questions to presenters and give them the ability to answer to all or answer to a specific person. 
      11. Provide CART Captions - depends on you need (either Yes or No)
      12. Enable language interpretation - depends on your need (either Yes or No)
      13. Who can record - Organizers and presenters
      14. Enable end-to-end-Encryption - No
      15. Allow attendance report (Yes)
      16. Save options
      17. Close meeting options window
    3. Save and send the outlook meeting



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Thanks, @Davefox

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Hello @Davefox

Thank you for sharing this. I have question please. 

How did you go about creating the integration with a shared Outlook account in order to receive the sessions created in Docebo, directly in the calendar of this account? When did you configure the shared mailbox in the integration? Is it in the pairing process? It seems to me that shared mailboxes are not a separate account with its own username and password.

Please advise will be appreciate, thank you

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There are 2 elements to making this work. In outlook you need a shared calendar. OUrs was set up by our IT department. Basically it has an email address and a calendar which we use for customer facing contact and as a shared department calendar. We also use MS Teams as our internal communication tool.  Now depending on your account information and level of in house security you may or may not need some of this, but I did. We use Open Authorization (OAuth). If you are unfamiliar is an open protocol for authorization. OAuth enables secure authorization from desktop and web applications in a simple and standard way. It lets users approve an application to act on their behalf without sharing their user name and password. For example, users can share their private resources or data (contact list, documents, photos, videos, and so on) that are stored on one site with another site, without having to provide their credentials (typically user name and password). If you have to use microsoft authenticator to log into your accounts your org uses OAth too.

This is a paired account so before creating the link in Docebo you need a number of things to make it work. 

The OAth redirerct URL enables a client application to obtain authorized access to protected resources. The auth code requires a user-agent that supports redirection from the authorization server back to your application. So in our case we created a seperate account to link to microsoft authenticator. 

Azure subscriptions have a trust relationship with Microsoft Entra ID. Microsoft Entra ID is trusted to authenticate the subscription's users, services, and devices. Each subscription has a client ID, Secret ID and tenant ID associated. THeas eare all found within the Azure App registration menus. You may not have access to these and might need a sysadmin to get them for you. 

  1. Your Microsoft Client ID
  2. A Tenant ID
  3. Client Secret

Once you have all of them go into Docebo Admin/Microsoft Teams/Manage

Add an account and fill in the blanks


Choose the type of Teams meetings to be created. We use meetings because we want interactivity between learner and instructor.  and confirm. 


Then when you create an event in an ILT you will see the tool and account in the dropdowns

WHen you save the event, the Teams meeting is created in your outlook shared calendar. 


You could just as easily do this to individual accounts as well if you wanted to. We talked about creating multiples but realized that the same team that create meetings in Docebo all have access to that calendar and decided this was simpler than a meeting account for each instructor.


Hope this helps 

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Hello @Davefox

Thank you very much for your time and your detailed response.

I tried to follow all the steps and a lot of back and forth with our IT team and, unfortunately I can't see what I'm missing compared to your explanation because:
- We already have a shared email box with a shared calendar.
- We also use Teams as internal communications tools.
- And yes we also need to use Microsoft Authenticator to log into our account.
I think our shared mail box is correctly configured.

I started by passing the Microsoft Teams OAuth redirect URL to the Microsoft admin.
Then for his part he created the application in Microsoft Intra ID and communicated to me the Client ID, the Tenant ID and the Secret Client.
Then, I created the account, on the Docebo side.

After this, we have to link the 2 parts by clicking on paired. The link redirects me to a page requesting admin approval, and it asks me to log in with an admin account to give approval. My IT colleague entered his admin account and the pairing process was successful.
Except that when I created a test ILT session with the account that I just created, the session is displayed in the calendar of my IT colleague and not in the calendar of the shared mailbox, I know that we should not enter the account of my IT colleague but I do not see which account I could have entered given that the shared mailbox does not have its own credentials and I do not have the right to Microsoft side admin.


Maybe my answer is on your part where you talk about creating a separate account to link it to microsoft authenticator. I didn't really understand.. Do you mean that you created another email address? or another account into docebo ?


Thank you in advance for your time


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Hi @RokiaB . I feel your pain. Had similar experiences getting this set up ourselves. the good news is it is working. You created a meeting in Docebo and it was created in teams/outlook. So HUZZAH!😁. The bad news is it was created for the wrong account. BOOOO 🤦🏻

Looking over your last message I think I see where the problem occurred.

“After this, we have to link the 2 parts by clicking on paired. The link redirects me to a page requesting admin approval, and it asks me to log in with an admin account to give approval. My IT colleague entered his admin account and the pairing process was successful.”

They need to enter the ID of the shared account and not their credentials and OAuth. To do this we actually did two things, We created a OAuth for our shared account and then I added  the additional account to my authenticator profile so the auth requests come to me instead of them. This was at their request 😆.

Try that and I think you should be all set. 

Yes This should be easier, and apparently if you want to pay for significantly more integration it can be.

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Our MS Teams integration was significantly challenging because a different team, in a different country under an IT organization, was responsible for the MS Teams “accounts” that were used.

We had a lot of problems with getting all of the pieces working, made more complicated by the fact that there was no one from Docebo we could sit down with to try and work through the issue.

It is working now, but I feel like I am one software update away from a real mess.

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Hello @Davefox,

Thank you very much for the quick response and your detailed response once again!

We have finally managed to associate the account created in docebo with the shared mailbox! We indeed entered the credentials of the shared mailbox and it worked!
We can clearly see the session created in Docebo appear in the shared mailbox calendar, only the instructors and learners added in the session do not receive it in their outlook calendar. I don't know if this is normal. Is it the same with you?

Thanks again !

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@RokiaB 😁💃🏽🕺🏽

 SO glad it worked. YAY!!!!!

IN answer to your question Yes it is normal that the instructors would not get an invite. If you look at the top of this thread, I wrote out some guidelines for how we lay out meetings one they are created. the first step is to invite instructors so you can make them coorganizers.

The biggest gotcha to remember is once you create the meeting, if you make any changes to the event, it will delete the existing meeting and replace it with a new one. 



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Hello @Davefox,

Thank you for being glad for me! It was no easy feat.

Indeed I had forgotten that this was the main subject of this thread. Noted 


Thanks again 🤝🏻