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  • 11 February 2022
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Hi Community,

My organization is launching a new onboarding process.  We want our new hires to take their self-guided courses in particular order each day.  

For example we want docebo to assign them courses A, B, C and D on Day 1.  Then on Day 2 they are assigned courses E, F, G, I. So on for the first 30 days for their employment.

Currently, we are using Learning Plans. But our learners are having issues with taking the courses in the required order we want them to complete them.

Has anyone done something like this with either LP or with Enrollment Rules?

Any information would be helpful!




2 replies

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Hi @justin.grunert ypu could use Groups to assign a course based on the completion or other status of another one. If that helps. May not be exactly what you’re looking for but it’s an option. 

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@justin.grunert - here is a thought.

Leverage the New User message to drop off people at different pages. Put each days content into a Catalog. If you need to enforce sequence for the day? Then you may want to use a slightly different method of mapping - perhaps an LP to each catalog.

The New User message allows you to deliver a message not only when it was created. But also day(s) after the account was spawned.

So - if completions is the way you want to drive people into things? You can do so - use the approach @lrnlab outlines.

If timing is really the driver? You now have a method.