Tracking mandatory New Hire Training

  • 17 May 2021
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How do you all track your New Hire sessions (the ones that are mandatory). For instance we have a Learning Plan that includes things such as: 

  1. New Hire Welcome and Orientation
  2. Education Overview
  3. Products and Service Overview
  4. (and so on, there are 10 - 15 different sessions)

Currently they are in the system as ILT Sessions and we create new sessions in each class for each new hire. This process is taking a LOT of time from my staff and I don’t feel it is efficient. We have looked into the CSV uploads, but those just do not seem ideal either, it makes us add the CSV for the Session, then the Instructors (which takes several tries often to get them to accept, then we have to create the events and customize and go back to mark completion). 

We are a small company with less than 150 users, I know some of you have HUGE user numbers, how are you doing it!? I am certain you are not all doing this manually! What can we do differently, I’m certain we are just making it harder on our selves at the moment! :D Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!

2 replies

We have a similar need and question!

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Hi Stephanie, I’m curious why you are creating a new session per user, per course. Would it be possible to put them into cohorts? So for example, each new hire “class” that starts on a Monday would all be put into the same session/event. This would make it easier for an instructor to manually update attendance by not having to click into each session, navigate to the one user, update the attendance and repeat. I do find the sessions/events very click heavy so I can imagine your staff are spending a lot of time on this! 

A couple ideas:

Would it be possible to set the sessions to “Training Material” based for completion and require an acknowledgement, trainer survey or short quiz at the end of the sessions? This would put the action on the learner rather than the instructor and give them an opportunity to spend some time navigating the LMS as a new hire.

Sessions can be duplicated with the events as well. They still need the dates and times updated but it would carry over the structure, naming, instructor assignment, etc.

If you use a meeting/webinar platform that easily integrates with one of Docebos native connections, it might be worth going that route to allow the attendance to be tracked by the learner clicking into the session rather than having to be updated afterward. 

Not sure any of those completely solve the workload your experiencing but maybe it’ll spark something!