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  • 31 January 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to implement the use of a Training Intake Request Form. In a nut shell, collecting information on a new training request up front (requestor name, SMEs, topic, audience, etc.). Wondering if anyone is using Docebo for training requests and how you are doing it. Any information is greatly appreciated!

3 replies

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@abroz We use a Word document, sometimes. But in thinking about your question, I”d look at Checklists. The form is customizable, and you could maybe use the approvals as notification. Might not work if you need non-LMS users to have access. An idea at any rate.

One thing to know about checklists is that if you use a group to make the checklist available, the checklist will ALWAYS be available even if the account holder leaves the group. Seems weird to me, but Docebo T3 engineers say that’s how it is supposed to work.

You can use a Task List widget to display checklists on the dashboard.

Good luck!


KMallette/Viasat, Inc.

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A thought. If you can work outside of box and iframe in?

Use a form generator like jotform to collect those details. They have a reasonable pricing model that a person or team can start out with.

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Agree with the above, pretty much an external form embedded on a custom page. I like to do this with qualtrics as I can run APIs off of it and do other things. If interested, info here