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Training materials unique to cohort

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi all,  first post so please bear with me.  We are just about to launch Docebo at our organisation and there are still lots of things we cannot get our heads around.  This might be the first of many questions i post here!

We are rolling out a leadership development programme.  It consists of 5 days of training (over the period of 3 months), and has lots of pre/post learning. The programme will run with cohorts of about 16 people which go through the programme together and complete each day of training together).  We could potentially have 5 cohorts this year.  In my mind it should have been a case of setting up a course, then setting up a session (for each cohort), and the setting up the 5 days of training as 5 events within each session.  So far this works for this programme.  My issue is around training materials.  it looks like I can only add materials at the course level (not session).  Ideally i would want to course materials being ‘released’ as each event happens.  So Day 1 materials are released initially, and then once that’s completed day 2 materials are made available etc.  Because training materials are help at course level, although I can see that I can manually hide/unhide training materials, it makes releasing things at the right time for multiple cohorts impossible.  e.g. cohort 1 starts in Jan,  and as they complete the modules we ‘unhide the materials as each event happens’.  As cohort 2 starts in Feb they will already see all the materials as they have already been unhidden.


So long story short - how do we create training materials that can be released at the right time for each cohort.  Is the only answer to have a completely separate course for each cohort (which really doesn't make sense as we could end up with so many courses).  


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6 replies

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That’s an “interesting” use case, considering how Docebo is organized it may be difficult to build a user-friendly solution to accommodate such scenario.


One idea to check - if you have the Coach & Share module, maybe you could create channels dedicated to each cohort and then you will be able to assign training materials as assets to those channels at the right times.

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Thanks - I'll take a look.  I’m surprised this is considered an ‘interesting’ use case.  Its seems quite a fundamental part of learning that materials are given out at the right time to the right people.  i think what we will have to do to make it easier for everyone is just have all the materials visible right from the start and hope that each cohort doesn’t ‘jump ahead’.



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We ran into the same issue with our virtual training a few years back.  We wanted the training material to be exclusive and only available to the people in the current session of the training, but unfortunately there was no way to do that since the training material can only be at the course shell level.  We also found that if we have multiple sessions on a course, anyone who was enrolled in the course would be able to access the training material once it became available for a session.  If we had training in March and April, the people enrolled in the April session would be able to access the training material in March when it became available for the students in March. 

So, we have had to create a separate course shell for each separate session of our virtual training.  You may have to do the same with creating a separate course for each of your cohorts.

I thought there was an idea out there that addresses this, but I cannot locate it at the moment, if I do, I will post here so you may upvote it.

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Thanks.  I guessed that creating a separate course for each cohort may be the only solution :(

The other frustration i have is if the course is set up as an ILT, when you view the content it takes you to a superfluous screen with the training material structure which you have to click through to get to the actual materials.  It just makes the user have to take extra clicks to get to the materials.  is there anyway to bypass this screen and go straight to the materials?



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There is a way to get to just the learning objects in a course shell!  You kind of have to tinker if you don’t have the URL, but if you preview the course as a learner and launch a learning object, then close the learning object, you are brought back to a landing page with all of the training material for your ILT course, and you can use that URL to point folks directly to training material. 

Alternatively, you can edit the URL below.

The URL you can use would look like this:

The XXX would be the course number that is assigned by Docebo.  To find the course number is pretty easy, just go the course properties and it would be the number listed after the “edit/” in the URL.  For example this would be my course number:

so if I wanted to view the training materials for just this course, my url would look like this:

I hope this works for you!!

We are working to move all Customer and Partner (Extended Enterprise) ILT training into Docebo. The issues I see mentioned above have me hoping I am understanding my options. Our 3 day training consists of one 3-day Zoom session (so 3 events), training material content to be available at the ILT course level and lab (LTI training material) available during the session/events and then following the session/events.

It seems I have to create 3 courses and place them into a cohort learning plan.

  1. ILT course type containing training material (SCORM, PDF) with cohort session.
  2. LAB course (eLearning) using LTI training material to be available during the session.
  3. LAB course (eLearning) using LTI training material to be available after the session for learners to practice what was learned during ILT session.

Does it seems this is the only option since there is not a way to attach an LTI training material (labs via SkyTap) to the ILT session?  I would be creating 3 courses for each cohort learning plan x 12 per quarter x 3 different products.

I appreciate any insight. Thanks!