Trouble trying to decipher what's in the Error Logs

  • 18 November 2022
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I find the error logs do not provide enough information about the error(s).  It’s too cryptic and you either assume or guess at what the information might be.  For example, opened an error log after trying to enroll users via CSV.  Typically in the first column it shows numbers.  What do these numbers indicate?  Next column shows the error, “Invalid enrollment fields data provided.”  Which enrollment field(s) is it?  There must be a better way to identify or explain what we’re seeing in the log.  Possibly add column headers with meaningful labels to avoid confusion or guessing...just a thought.  Any assistance would be appreciated. 

2 replies

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That first column is a zero indexed column of the rows of data you tried to upload and edit. So the first row from your CSV would be the 0, the second row is 1, third row is 2, etc. So you can reference back to which row has the issue. This is how the API is constructed and the error reports seem to be a direct version of that.

As far as the second column, agree that tends to not be verbose enough to know exactly what is wrong, generally just categories to narrow down to groupings of fields that might be wrong. On the API side, sometimes theres slightly more info, but not always. 

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You might want to make an idea or look to see if there is an idea for either having more explanatory logs or more verbose at least.