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Trying to load a group into an enrollment - the tool keeps coming back with zero users

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Folks - anyone having an issue with deploying learning to a group today (mapping users via a group to an enrollment)? I keep trying to load a group? But the system keeps saying there is zero users in it….but I know thats not true….


Best answer by dklinger 13 May 2022, 07:00

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Hey @dklinger no I have not but I did something similar last week where I had to hit “process” twice to get it to work. I totally understand the frustration when you know there should be users and nothing shows up. It this doesn't work, definitely log a ticket.

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Already logged it - thank you @lrnlab.

This is a real one that is getting reproduced by the service desk in our instance.

There is a current workaround - you can load and enroll directly via csv. It may make reporting a little awkward for you...but you can anchor and filter on your enrollment date potentially to run a clean report if you are doing mostly push scenarios.

I found that it was just taking time for the group to actually work.  I imported the group and about an hour later I was able to enroll them.  

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I thought that automatic or manual groups really did have problems in this space.

@Adam Ballhaussen - hey is there a recommended timeframe for loading a group versus when they can actually be used for enrollments?

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Hey @dklinger, I’m sorry you’re running into this issue! As our support team shared with you in the ticket, we haven’t seen this issue across other platforms. I’m not sure what the root of the problem may be, but continuing to engage with support will be your best bet to get this resolved. We’ll be sure to post in the community if this becomes a wider-spread issue.


Thanks also for sharing the workaround in your reply! I’m going to mark that as the best answer for this thread for now. Have a great weekend!