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Update training material while keeping the URL the same?

  • 27 January 2023
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I am an Instructional Designer at a software company and I am creating training material for our clients on how to use our new software platform. A key feature of the new software platform is that specific pages in the software platform link to explanatory training material in Docebo. 

The software platform is still in development and as a result I am frequently updating our training material to reflect changes in the software. I am running into an issue when it comes to linking to this updated training material from the new software platform. 

Currently, to make revisions to training material on the platform I update the material on Rise, export a SCORM file, delete the current training material in Docebo and reupload the revised version. This process results in the training material getting a new URL in Docebo, which in turn breaks the link from our software platform to the training material. This means that every time I update the training material, I also have to update the links in our software platform. 

I am looking for a solution to update the training material without changing the URL, so that the links from our software platform will still work. I have tried using the Central Repository versioning feature in Docebo, but that does not solve the problem. If I choose to overwrite the existing version, the changes are not reflected in the training material. If I choose to create a new version, the URL changes and the links are broken. 

Does anyone know of a way to update training material while keeping the URL the same? Any help would be appreciated. 


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@meaganp Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t allow for this. When you change a version, it changes the folder where the version is stored on the Docebo servers. Since the folder changes, so does the link.


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Can you not link to the COURSE rather than the material? This way the link would not change, no matter how the content changes.

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@meaganp you may consider using an URL shortening/redirect tool in which you can edit the target page. You’ll find a few here: 

Then you put the shortened link in your product, and edit the redirect each time the address in the LMS changes. May not be perfect, but may be easier and quicker than asking developers to make updates to the product.