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Updating a dropdown Additional Field and the impact on existing accounts

  • 1 February 2023
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I have about 30k+ accounts that use a drop down Additional Field, and there are multiple languages for this field.  Our business has changed and I now need to edit the elements (options) in the drop down. I want to update and reorder the elements.

Does anyone know what the impact would be to this field in the accounts? My guess is that the field will contain whatever element is in the same position of the list (like element #2 or #6), which means I couldn’t reorder things.

Unfortunately, my sandbox is too far outta date for me to use it. (I am fixing that problem 😁)

Thanks for any insight…


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Best answer by lrnlab 1 February 2023, 22:27

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4 replies

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you cannot re-order your dropdown without deleting what’s there and rebuilding it ion whatever order you want.

You could wire out the field using the CSV import and ref-assign everyone their proper “new” value after that. Since there may an impact to other parts of the LMS like Groups, you want to make sure you check where these values are being used before you start down this path.

Pull “before” reports too and this will combine handy when you want to reload the proper values.

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@lrnlab Yea, that was the only process I could think of, too. 😣 Thanks for the confirmation.

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Yep, been there, done that, messed up everything in my system. Drives me crazy that I have to add new ones to the bottom and I can’t alphabetize the list.

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OCD users unite! me included!