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Updating Tests, Question Bank usage, and user answers, oh my!

  • 10 June 2021
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Hi everyone,

I need some insight and clarification on Tests and the Question Bank.

Background info: I have 30+ ILT courses. All courses have some sort of test. The test questions all get saved in the Question Bank. I’ve instructed my team that if they need to change the questions on their tests, they should unlink the one from their test, add a new one, make sure it is categorized correctly, and push it to the question bank.

The reasoning logic behind un-linking a question and leaving it in the Question Bank was because I thought that it would retain the answers from previously answered tests. This would basically give us an archive of our previous tests and learner’s test records. (rephrase; I thought the version of the test the learner took would record to their training record to refer back to how they performed on the test)

Example: We have a class on “how to process a loan”. Charlie took the class in February. Our process changed in April and we changed the test to reflect the new process. I thought that if I go back to Charlie’s records for the “how to process a loan test,“ I would see the questions they answered and their answers to those questions. 

Now on to the questions!

  1. Should previously taken Tests reflect the state the Test was in when taken, or will it only reflect the current state of the test?
  2. If it only reflects the current state, how is everyone handling record keeping when it comes to tests, especially when the test changes over time?
  3. If an answer is still in the Question Bank but not in a Test, is there any way to recover who has answered that question and what their response was?
  4. (Bonus question) Am I crazy and alone here in wanting to keep learner’s answers to tests and not just scores?

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HI @Dahveed when we do test question updates, we actually take a very different approach to maintain previous completions…

Questions are updated in our sandbox then exported and imported into our production environment (this is because we have 3rd party doing the updates on many exams at once). When comes the time to update the tests, we import it as a new test and “hide” the old version. This keep all the previous records intact (as long as no one is unenrolled) and users taking the test for the first time only see the latest version. We found this to be very effective and easy to manage + you maintain all your historical details attached to the course.