URLs not working in HTML edited course

  • 12 October 2021
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Recently the URL links in several courses stopped working and we’re receiving this error message. It’s not a iframe issue since the course material was written with the HTML editor, and not iframe. I added the domains to the list just in case, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Any suggestions for how to troubleshoot so users can be directed to external sites?



2 replies

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@tina I think this is something to be investigated by Docebo’s support. There is little to tell without looking into your HTML code and the web browser’s console.

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@tina agree with @alekwo but have another thought...looks like you are punching out to a quiz maker software? If so, you might want to have a look at that site to see if you can whitelist your vanity URL and that of Docebo (…

Also, if logging a ticket, it’s helpful to send Docebo the “.HAR” file you can obtain while trying to access your quiz. This will capture all the communication details and be helpful for them to troubleshoot...there are different ways to obtain this info depending on the browser you use so you might want to search the web for are the 2 most common: