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User Interaction Report Needed

  • 7 June 2021
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Does anyone know if it is possible to run an interaction report that shows you the answers each learner submitted for each question in a SCORM package? I see that the data exists because I can drill down to this level by each learner, but that is very time consuming. I want one spreadsheet that shows each learner, the question, the answer they chose and the correct answer.


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3 replies

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you should be able to download the SCORM report from Reports section of the course...not sure if you already tried that...I can’t recall if the export outputs the questions and answers as well but you can see them on the screen.


I have this same question, but the “Best Answer” doesn’t really answer it (as far as I can tell). I can pull a report by individual, but this includes a bunch of nonsense as well and I have to pull a separate report for every single learner. There’s also the Answers Breakdown report, but that doesn’t associate the answer with the user. What I need is something in between the two options that would show me every question and every answer for every learner (or a set of learners). Does something like that exist?

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I agree the report is not ideal but please consider that this may not a Docebo limitation but rather a SCORM limitation.

If you really need proper exam question statistics showing what each user answered in each iteration of the test, I recommend you break out your exam from your SCORM course and use a native Docebo test. reporting for these is great and will show data for each user or as a full exam report with details on who answered what to each question and whether it was correct/incorrect.