User Interface Issue - Previous and Next Buttons and Slides

  • 9 January 2023
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Hey community,

Has anyone else received any requests in regards to the course navigation Previous and Next Buttons? 

Since our LMS have launched, most of the questions I’ve received from our learners have been related to these buttons that make me think we have a UI/UX issue. 

Here are more details - I’d like to know if any of you have experienced something similar and how you solved it? Thanks!

Here are the steps our users follow:

  1. The user accesses a course
  2. One of the course lessons has slides that need to be navigated
  3. Instead of navigating the slides with “<” and “>”, the user clicks on “Next”
  4. Since next is linked to accessing the next lesson (not the next slide) the user gets an error “Prerequisites not met” (for those courses with sequential navigation)
  5. The user gets confused and contacts LMS administrators 

In any case, I think there could be more ways to set up the navigation player or a quick-win fix. Unless I’m not aware that it already exists.

P.S. Please Ignore the dark blocks as I’ve hidden some data :)

Thank you!

2 replies

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@sabine.deliveroo  You can disable the next button in course player (Course > player > lightbox navigation > Disable). Our learners also facing this issue whenever, our course contains multiple contents. So, we disabled the NEXT button & instructed our learners about the < > arrow icon to move next slide. The arrow < > is also auto hidden by default, our learners move cursor over there to identify the arrows, other strange thing… 

So, we start converting the ppt, documents, into Scorm package instead of uploading as a PPT, documents in course content to avoid this kind of issues in LMS...




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Is there an Idea that addresses the issue with the arrow buttons being not obvious/not intuitive? I feel like the workaround of needing to instruct users isn’t the greatest option - would be nice just to have apparent slide navigation.