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  • 19 October 2022
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Is there a resource our can someone share an explanation around how the user report information is calculated to determine total time spent? If a user remains actively logged into the course but is not progressing through it does that count time? Some examples I’m seeing for total time across the board is excessive given the actual length of the course. 



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Hi @Tatum.Mathis 

We also experience this issue. As I understand it, the system can’t distinguish between someone who is actively engaged with training material and someone who just has that training material open in their browser. If they open the training material and then switch to another tab or program to perform a different task, the system continues adding that time to the total. Like you, we have seen some really excessive times in our reports. It would be great if Docebo could find a way to distinguish between active and inactive users, but I’m not sure how technically feasible this is.